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How Often to Clean Everything in Your House


We bet spring-cleaning is on your mind right about now: time to tackle every corner of your home until it shines! Still, if spring is the only time you wipe those baseboards or vacuum those crumbs that collect behind the stove, we have some sobering news: Many of those oft-overlooked areas should be cleaned more […]

How to Improve Your Score Before You Buy a House


If you’re hoping to buy a house soon, one little number you’ll want to bring up to snuff is your credit score. Your credit score is a numerical summary of your credit report, a detailed document outlining how well you’ve paid off past debts—to your credit cards, college loans, and any place you owe money. […]

5 Big Reasons to Sell Your Home This Year


It’s no secret that life’s been pretty good to sellers for the past several years. Even if you had no need—or desire—to move, the housing landscape might have seriously tempted you to put your house on the market anyway. After all, it’s hard not to see visions of dollar signs when your neighbors are unloading […]

5 Unwritten Etiquette Rules For Home Buyers


If you’re looking to buy a house, you’re probably eager and excited. That’s fine, but just keep in mind that in this heightened emotional state, it’s easy to get swept up in the moment and behave, well, not perfectly. This can lead to trouble since, just like anything else, buying a home comes with its […]

How To Give Your Guest Bathroom a Glam Makeover


Be honest: When was the last time you set foot in your guest bathroom? We’re guessing it was probably the last time you hosted friends or family—and that might have been quite a while ago. It’s easy to overlook this space, especially if it doesn’t get much use. But to truly give your guests a […]

Top 8 Questions To Ask Your Mortgage Lender


What are the best questions to ask a mortgage lender before you lock in a home loan? 1. What types of home loans do you offer? Some lenders offer a wide range of mortgage products, while others specialize in only one or two types of home loans. Finding a lender that offers the type of […]

Home Seller Secrets: Expert Staging Advice


When it comes to selling a house, appearances are everything. That’s why more and more homeowners hoping to impress buyers are investing in home staging. But between decluttering, styling, and making your house look its absolute best, this process can make you want to pull your hair out. To make this undertaking a little easier, […]

6 Things You’ll Love And Hate About Buying a Home This Spring


Welcome to the best—and worst—time to buy a home: spring! Yes, it’s peak home-buying season. However, it’s no bed of roses. Knowing what to expect is half the battle, and can help you use these highs and lows to your advantage! So consider this an essential prep course. Ready to dive into the best of […]

7 Emotions You’ll Feel When Buying A Home


Buying a home may be a financial transaction, but it’s a highly emotional one, too. And while there are highs—like the moments you know you’ve found The One or you get the keys to your new home—you may also go through periods of high anxiety or hopelessness before you close the deal. Ask any homeowner […]

6 Home Maintenance Chores We All Forget


If you’re like most people, your home maintenance to-do list is so long, plenty of chores regularly fall off it and into the abyss, never to be remembered. With so much house and so little time, that’s understandable. Hey, you’re only human! Still, though: Out of sight and out of mind does not mean it’s […]