Fifth Ward Eyed For New 150 Acre Development


In the shadow of downtown, about 150 acres of property stretching for about a mile along the bayou waterfront could be one of Houston’s next major mixed-use developments. The developer, Midway, is calling it East River. There’s been a lot of curiosity for years among the people which live in the neighborhood as to what will happen to the land.

The property stretches along the waterfront from about Clinton and Jensen, along Clinton Drive to Hirsch.

Residents began seeing signs of life recently with the re-planting of dozens of mature trees, moved from Post Oak Blvd and Uptown Houston. Midway, which developed CITYCENTRE, has noted this property is so large it could fit four CITYCENTREs, so it expects the development to happen in phases over more than a decade, with different districts inside the overall project.

The intent is to create a variety of offerings to appeal to a wide range of customers as befits a diverse, international and multicultural city.

Midway has said several community partners are providing feedback, including the Fifth Ward Community Redevelopment Corporation.

Residents are hopeful the historic neighborhood can find a way to take advantage of the economic boost.

On some hands, we look at the development that’s taken place on the south side of I-10 as really gentrifying the community, but it is welcome in the sense that it will help increase the demographic from an economic status.

The East River development will attract the kind of things all people in the neighborhood need, perhaps a grocery store, and encourage the continued renewal of other main thoroughfares in the Fifth Ward like Lyons Avenue.

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